Saturday, May 23, 2015

Sailing Joys

Lloyd and I have discovered a new hobby to enjoy together - SAILING!!! We took the beginner class together in March and then he took the intermediate class in April. Since then we have been trying to get some hours out in the boat. One trip we were able to see a huge pod of feeding dolphins. And one day we sailed near Coronado Island with the kids and Lloyd's parents.

March - the Mundane and Madness

March brought the normal trappings of life AND spring break. Anika got a second round of braces, ugh! We spent time at the beach, Leo Carillo Ranch (with tons of peacocks), bowling, and a special visit from out-of-town friends. 



Starting Spring Break off right:-) (It was the nicest they were to each other all week!)

Anika and her newest BFF

Kathryn and her new friend

Andrew and "the boys"

The bowling crew

Enjoying the good life

Peacocks at Leo Carillo Ranch

Happy Easter

Grandma & Grandpa Visit

Grandma and Grandpa Boeck made the trip out to see us in our new spot. We enjoyed a great visit enjoying San Diego, the USS Midway, the base bowling alley, visiting with Lloyd's parents, and just being together. 
Mom & Dad's friend from Denison Days is living in San Diego now and we enjoyed breakfast together one morning.

The USS Midway captures our attention

Bowling at Leatherneck Lanes is always a blast!

February Doings

February saw us continuing to settle into our new 'hood. Lloyd and I are greatly enjoying a regular Wed. night date night while the kids are youth group at church. They love it, and so do we. Over Valentine's Day we made a quick trip up to Ripon.  Kat also got her ears pierced.
Date night Wednesdays!

San Clemente Pier

Before earrings
During piercing

After piercing

Birthday Fun 2015

Well, I've finally figured it out. I've slowly moved away from doing pictures on camera to doing everything on my iPhone, which has entailed me to learn a new process for getting picture, saving pictures, and uploading them to the blog. (You are probably rolling your eyes that it took me so many months to do it, and it would probably be deserved, but it is what it is!:)

So, before the year is half over, I'm going to try and get you up-to-date with the Wicker Fam.  In Jan (just after our move), we celebrated Anika & Andrew's birthdays.  As usually, I had fun making them cakes! We didn't do any big parties, but we still recognized and celebrated 11 and 9 years - WOW!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Christmas & New Beginnings

Just before Christmas we moved into our new home in San Onofre, Camp Pendleton. What joy to be together again (and have a the move behind us and Christmas and new adventures ahead.) The kids didn't start school until the new year so we tried to spend the time getting unpacked, celebrating the holiday with family, spending a fun day at Sea World, and enjoying the beach.
Whew! Checking & double checking

Entertaining themselves in the midst of chaos!

Thanks to Dad's foresight we even had a tree for Christmas.

Beach Time

Sandy treasures

Christmas cousin fun!

Christmas stockings!
Sea World Experience

The end of a year of change and new beginnings!